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  • Tech4u in the 11th Info-ComWorld International Conference
The 11th Info-ComWorld International Conference «Live, Work & Play the Broadband Way:Broadband is just the beginning» will take place at the Divani Caravel hotel on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009. The Conference is supported by the Ministry of Transportation & Communications, the Ministry of Development, the National Telecommunications & Postal Commission (EETT), the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE), the Mobile Telephony Companies Union (EEKT), the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Global Suppliers mobile Association (GSA).

The Info-Com World Conference is organized by Smart Press, one of the major publishing companies in Greece in the field of specialized information media, focusing on digital technologies, and the leading magazine in the telecom sector, “Mobile Telephony & Telecommunications”.
The Conference stands as the most important event in southeastern Europe in the field of digital technologies, as those have been shaped by the ongoing developments on broadband and convergence between telecoms, IT and the media.

The boost in broadband access penetration, along with the rapidly progressing convergence are the reasons why the organizing committee has selected to deal with the various forms of broadband, as the mainstream issue of the Conference. «Live, Work & Play the Broadband Way: Broadband is just the beginning» is the main issue of this year’s Conference, and as every year, all attendants will have the opportunity to know about the ongoing process of broadband on diverse levels: the infrastructure of next generation networks, the new era of television which starts with the switch to digital television and the continuous growth of IPTV services, and also how the sector deals with the financial crisis -and most importantly- the day after this.

Furthermore, the 11th Info-ComWorld International Conference will include a special session for Green ICT, as environmental protection is a top issue on the agenda of both consumers and enterprises in the sector.

For the schedule of the conference you can visit the official Info-ComWorld website here.

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