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  • Sofia´s Papadopoulou Racing Journal
  •     Departure of National Team on August 7th, for the attendance in the international Olympic race, category 470 Sail for Gold Regatta (9-14/8/2010) in Weymouth, England.
  •     Sofia Papadopoulou and her fellow athlete Afrodite Kiranakou, took the 44th place, out of 62 attendances in the World Championship of category 470 Women in Hagen, Holland (9-18/7/2010). They stood unlucky, when the damage the main sail the boat suffered on the first day of the race, cost them a lot of points. Moreover, the weather conditions did not help them to reach a better position at the end of the race. This misfortune however, did not intimidate the two women. On the contrary armed them with courage and nerve for future successes.

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