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  • Sofia´s Papadopoulou Activities and Racing Journal
The last few months Sofia had very intense action. Not only sailing races  but also educational activities such as the “Sailing Seminar” for apprentice journalists of the athletic reportage, plus her speech regarding the sport of Sailing, in the meeting of Loutsa Nautical Club. Subject of Sofia’s speech was: “Sailing as a tool of the local development”.

Racing journal

9-18/7/2010: Departure on Jyly 3rd for the preparation, attendance and qualification of National Team in Perth of Australia in 2011 (qualification for the Olympic Fights of London in 2012) in the Women’s World Championship of 470, in Hagen of Holland.
24/6/2010: 12th rank out of 38 sailing boats in the category of Women’s 470 in the International race of Kieler Woche in Germany.
12 & 13/06/2010: The olympic champion Sofia Papadopoyloy participated in the 9th Bowl of Hope, for the construction of first Oncological Hospital for children.

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